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Barbara Doan is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Culinary Nutrition Expert, Certified Master Workplace Wellness Ambassador & Stressmastery Associate.

Barbara Doan Personal & Corporate Wellness is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure disease.  It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical care.

The meal plans provided by Barbara Doan Personal & Corporate Wellness are to be used as a guideline/reference

Always consult with your health care professional before making significant changes to your diet & lifestyle or to medications, prescribed or over the counter.

Your Best Body Program

Haght loss efforts?

Have years of yo-yo dieting and high-stress cardio hit the brakes on your metabolism and sabotaged your weight loss efforts?


If you’ve been overthinking food and struggling to squeeze healthy

living into your already-hectic schedule, don’t give up just yet...



Let’s talk about the woman who lit up a room with her laugh. She had energy to spare and strutted in those hip-hugging jeans like she meant it. Remember her?


I know how much you want to feel like that woman again. But if you’re anything like me—a busy woman who’s just trying to juggle work and family responsibilities while keeping her sanity intact—it’s not as easy as “finding the time”.


Self-care takes a backseat to soccer practices, dance recitals, PTA meetings, and your bottomless bin of laundry.


Before you know it, 10 extra lbs becomes 30 extra lbs. Those too-snug jeans you used to feel unstoppable in sit bottom-drawer (along with all the other clothes you hope to fit back into “someday”).


You’re waiting for the weight to magically drop off before booking that beach getaway or buying that sassy little black dress you’ve been eyeing in the storefront window.


The only way you can keep up to your to-do list is by slugging caffeine and caving to your sugar cravings.


And suddenly, social outings are more high-stress than fun, because you can never find anything in your closet that hides your muffin top or back fat...or gives the other women in the room a reason to secretly envy you.


Sound familiar?


On top of all that, you’re worried about the eating habits you’re instilling in your children. You wonder what kind of relationship they’ll have with food when they’re older if you don’t set a positive example.


Obviously, you want the best for them. To be the best for them.


But when you’re already strapped for time, energy and cash (like most busy women are)—and those are the three resources you’ve been told “getting healthy” requires—you can start feeling like you’re trapped in a bit of a catch-22. I get it.


I also know that getting the body you want can feel like a lost cause when you’ve already tried everything...and failed.


You’ve been through the doomsday diets that tell you to cut calories, carbs, and every ounce of pleasure out of your life...and got zero results, or fallen off track before you saw any.


You’ve sweat your thighs off in spin class like a gritty-eyed cardio queen, only to lose 3 lbs and put them all back on (plus some) 2 weeks later.


And now, you’re all too familiar with the “here we go again” looks you get from your loved ones when you talk about giving the latest weight loss trend a whirl. (Because maybe this time will be different?)


The truth is: It’s not your fault these methods haven’t worked. But with every diet guru or self-proclaimed expert feeding you “quick fixes” and fat-loss falsehoods, it’s no wonder why you’ve started to feel that way.


Did you know that there’s actually scientific proof that diets don’t work?


In the largest analysis of its kind, UCLA researchers looked at over 19,000 overweight and obese people across 31 long-term studies. They found that up to 83% of people who try to lose weight through dieting alone regained the weight within 4-5 years.


The psychology of dieting seems to be the main reason for this alarming failure rate. 


So what if I told you I knew a proven way you could lose weight naturally and effortlessly, while still eating the foods you love (that are actually available at your local grocery store)...and not even have to drag out your Thighmaster?


Imagine if in just 12 weeks, you could feel better than you have in years (or maybe in forever)...and walk tall again.


Picture how much happier you’d be if you could avoid the frustration of:


  • Deprivation or doing it “the hard way”

  • Inescapable rebound weight

  • Crazy green juice cleanses (since when is chewing your food a bad thing?)

  • Tallying points or calorie-counting

  • Stacking your shelves with costly supplements


I’ve learned that it IS possible to get the head-turning results you want without trying so hard.

Want to know the secret?


Repairing the damage you’ve unknowingly done to your metabolism over the years. It’s that simple.


Think of your metabolism as a fat-burning fire. When you go crazy cutting calories, your body switches into starvation mode (not to mention, you get majorly grumpy and lethargic because you’re always hungry). The right foods fuel your metabolic fire, and when you don’t feed those flames, the fire burns out.


Without the right foods and restorative sleep, your metabolic rate moves into low gear to conserve fuel, metabolism-balancing hormones begin to down-regulate, and your body has to break down muscle tissues to convert it into energy. And herein lies the problem, because we both know that lean muscle mass is the only scientifically proven way to boost your metabolism.


To make matters worse, blood sugar imbalance and stress are like giant stop signs for your metabolism because they encourage insulin resistance.


And THIS is why you haven’t been able to shake those stubborn pounds (no matter how hard you try...and I know how hard you’ve tried).


Excessive calorie restriction, binge dieting and steady state cardio actually throw the brakes on your metabolism and create hormonal havoc, requiring you to keep eating less or exercising more to sustain your weight loss. So when you fail or get too exhausted to keep pace, I don’t blame you for calling it quits. 


The good news is: There IS another way. A better way. A very simple and effective method for repairing your metabolism and shoving it back into high gear. (Disclaimer: You’ve got a lot to unlearn.)


Whether you’re dealing with stubborn pounds, digestive issues, migraines, muscle pain, food allergies, high cholesterol, energy dives or PMS...what you need is a practical and flexible approach to nutrition that works for you AND your family.


One that helps you feel good in your skin again...and repairs your relationship with food.


One that shows you how to implement small, doable lifestyle changes that’ll get you BIG, sustainable results—without asking you to make your own kombucha and home-made bread (because seriously, who has time for that?).




Your Best Body Program

A no-thinking-required, financially affordable, day-by-day nutrition plan for busy women that’s designed to ignite your metabolism and catapult your energy, so you can burn fat faster (even at rest).


Wellness Expert-led. Family-friendly. Mom-approved.


Because you don’t need another “diet” or “get skinny quick” scheme.

You need an easy way to create positive daily habits that resets your metabolism and boosts your fat loss, even when you’re sitting at your office desk or chauffeuring your kids to and from school.


This nutrition & lifestyle-based program is WAY different than all those other weight loss methods you’ve tried before, and here’s why:


You’ll reach your goals in the time you DO have (and with much less effort).  

When you’re a busy woman like me, you don’t have the choice to “slow down” or “make time for it”. I’m not here to tell you to waste hours making your own almond milk. But I will teach you how to become a food label whiz and make informed choices about which ones you buy in the store. Think you have to be a gym rat to lose weight? Think again.


You’ll learn why less is actually more when it comes to exercise (and how to maximize the time you do spend sweating).


You’ll never feel the urge to hide your grocery bill from your hubby.

Feeling pressured to throw your food budget away on pricey supplements and organic-everything these days? Not on my watch. I’ll teach you what your smartest buys are if you’re transitioning to organic, but we both know some regular old broccoli is still better for you than organic chips.


You don’t have to be “Top Chef” material.

Ever pulled out your Jamie Oliver cookbook to attempt a healthy, home-cooked meal? But then got discouraged by ingredients you could barely pronounce (harissa paste what now)? Any ingredients I recommend are widely accessible and available at your local grocery store. And while the fat-burning and hormone-balancing recipes I’ve included ARE chef-worthy, I promise you’ll find them ridiculously easy to make in 30 minutes or less.


You can kick guesswork to the curb.

This program is specifically designed for busy women who need something that’s easy to follow and works for their entire family “as is”. Instead of wasting hours trying to modify recipes to be kid-friendly, all of the meal plans and grocery lists are done for you and ready to roll. I’ve also made sure the right brands and healthy food alternatives are spelled out for you, so you won’t have to spend hours Googling nutrition info or stranded in the grocery aisle, comparing food labels. See? No more room for error or confusion.


Most importantly, this program is designed and led by a wellness expert who has helped many women (just like you) take control over how they feel in their bodies and what they put on their plates.


That would be me!


Hi! I’m Barbara, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Wellness Expert and the founder of Your Best Body Program. But I’m also a busy woman, just like you.


I’ve got two on-the-go kids, I run a business, and I have a hubby who’s a die-hard fan of all food and beer! So let’s just say, I know the unique set of challenges you face when it comes to creating positive daily habits that stick.


Once upon a time, I was an exercising maniac and didn't eat enough for all my activity.  Probably because that was the only way I knew how to eat to keep the weight off.


But eventually, I developed Stage 3 Adrenal Fatigue, hypothyroidism and a “leaky gut”. (Not fun, by the way. It basically means icky toxins and mold are seeping out of your stomach and getting into your bloodstream, so your immune system goes into all-day overdrive.)


I was losing FULL DAYS of my life because my energy was sagging like teen-boy jeans. And I knew that something had to change, and change fast.


So I made some big changes.  I learned how to heal my gut using a simple recipe with three ingredients: Whole foods, restful sleep, and a gentler and less time-consuming exercise routine.


And like me, you’ll soon discover that glowing skin, boundless energy and a slim waistline is NOT “good genetics”.

It’s good, consistent nutrition.


I’ve designed this reset program to help you ditch self-sabotage and regain control of your health on your own terms while having easy access to a registered holistic nutritionist.


This is SO much more than a diet. It’s an all-encompassing approach to your health that considers factors beyond food that are affecting your bigger health picture. Ones like exercise, sleep, stress, mood, and your go-go-go lifestyle. (Hint: They play a bigger role in weight loss than you’ve been led to believe.)


Ready to write your own “success story”?


Here’s what you’ll get when you join Your Best Body Program:


  • Done-for-you personalized weekly meal guides that come complete with recipes and a shopping list that’s entirely customizable, allergy-free and family-friendly. I’d never expect you to make “special meals” for your husband and kids, or ask them to choke down kale salad. These are nutrient-dense, yummy whole food meals that I’ve already tested with my own 8 and 10-year-old (and hubby).

  • Easy to prepare recipes that won't leave you a slave to your kitchen.  I'm a busy mom, wife and wellpreneur.  I don't have all day to spend in the kitchen and I don't expect you to do so either!

  • Support & guidance.  Starting a new program can be tricky.  I will be here to support and guide you.  We may need to tweak things along the way -- because every body is different.  As long as you put in the work, you will see results.  You will have access to me via email or texting throughout the duration of the program.  I will be your best cheerleader.

Here's what you can expect to learn over our 7 weeks together:

Lesson 1  

Focus:  There are hundreds of diets out there.  Not every one is right for every body.  Let's take the steps to find what works best for you!                              

Lesson 2 

Body:  Every body is different when it comes to how much energy it uses.  Being aware of what your body  needs is an important factor in weight loss                             

Lesson 3

Fuel :  Weight loss is so much more than calories in vs. calories out.  Feeling satiated, being prepared and enjoying what you are eating on a daily basis are also very important.                                     


Lesson 4 

Hunger:  Why are you hungry?  Why don't you have an appetite?  Being over-tired, stressed and malnourished can all lead to false (or loss of)hunger signals.  You need to understand where your signals are coming from and act accordingly. 


Lesson 5 
Mind:  Shift your thought patterns.  If you love what you are eating and you learn to enjoy to process of eating and nourishing your body, a true shift can happen                           

Lesson 6: 
Build: This is where we start to put it all together.  You can't just pick your favorite lesson and focus on it.   Building a strong foundation using all of the lessons is the key to sustaining your new lifestyle.              


Lesson 7: 
Refine: Change doesn't happen over night and our bodies are forever changing.  Keep working towards your goal and refine areas that don't feel "just right" to you.                    



So I’ll be honest. This isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for another quick fix or overnight fat-fighting formula, you won’t find it here. But if you want to:


  1. Reset your relationship with food

  2. Create positive daily habits that’ll give you the long-lasting results you want

  3. And avoid strict and punishing diets or workouts that are doing more harm than good


...then I know you’re going to love this.


And if you’re also the type of woman who struggles to put herself first, then this is for you. For once, you’ll be able to focus on your health goals while simultaneously accommodating your family (and maybe even instilling better eating habits in them). Finally, you won’t have to choose between your needs and theirs.


Because when you feel healthy on the inside, that transformation seeps through. Not only will you see changes in your body in just 7 short weeks, but you’ll feel more confident, energetic, productive and in every facet of your life...and even get your sexy back.


You deserve to have a body you love and feel good in.

And you deserve to have the ongoing support you need to make that happen.

Too many women are waiting on their “someday”...


Why not step up and make that today?